FIBO Global Fitness Trade Show

Exhibit at the 2024 FIBO Global Fitness Trade Show

FIBO is the world's leading trade fair for the fitness and health industry. Founded in 1985, the exhibition is held once a year. From April 11th to 14th, 2024, it will be held in Cologne, Germany. This year, more than 1,000 exhibitors and 150,000 people from around the world are expected to participate. The FIBO exhibition brings together leaders, professional fitness personnel, entrepreneurs, etc. in the global fitness industry, providing a platform for enterprises to showcase the latest technologies and innovative equipment. It is a way for enterprises to obtain and learn the latest trends and solutions, as well as a channel to understand users and contact users. As one of the exhibitors this time, we will use our greatest sincerity to show you our new products.


FEIER Exhibit at the 2024 FIBO Global Fitness Trade Show

 As an exhibitor at this trade show, FEIER will meet you at booth 9E72 under the name Shenzhen Shenlaiyibi Technology Co., Ltd. We have been specializing in the production of high-performance fitness products, aiming to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their health goals in a relaxed, pleasant, and safe environment. We are also looking for like-minded partners at this trade show. Therefore, if you want to become our distributor, you are welcome to join us. We look forward to connecting with fitness enthusiasts and industry professionals and continuously sharing our passion for fitness and health.


We have made extensive preparations for the exhibition, including:

  •  Developing a comprehensive presentation to highlight the key product features like comfort, safety, and performance.
  •  Make brochures and pamphlets as one of the resources that will be given to the customers after the event so that they will have more knowledge about the company's products and services.
  •  We have a professional sales service team that will provide you with professional advice and support.


Our Exhibition Products

 FEIER Boomerang Treadmill

 We will showcase the FEIER Boomerang Treadmill at FIBO 2024. With a total weight of up to 145 kilograms, it has perfect stability, allowing you to run with confidence. It has a spacious running deck that solves the problem of stepping on the motor cover, allowing you to relax and enjoy the fitness process. It is the best choice for those who are looking for a high-performance and fully-featured modern treadmill.


FEIER Panther Bike

 We are thrilled to exhibit the FEIER Panther Bike ON FEIBO 2024. The FEIER Panther Bike is a high-quality exercise bike that is designed to provide you with a comfortable, challenging, and effective workout. With its precise weight flywheel, non-level resistance adjustment, and adjustable seat and handlebar, the FEIER Panther Bike is the perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.


FEIER Dolphin Elliptical

 Our next product to showcase is The FEIER Dolphin Elliptical. Our top product, The FEIER Dolphin Elliptical, is one of the best elliptical trainers in the market. It is designed to give users a comfortable, challenging, and effective workout. The ellipse has a quick button, allowing the adjustment of the machine to be easy, and a magnetic braking system that offers a smooth and quiet exercise experience. The 0-11° gradual hill experience and 32 levels of different resistance design your all real-life outdoor situations and make your training fun. Visit our booth to learn more about this amazing elliptical trainer.


FEIER Dragonfly Rower

 FEIER Dragonfly Rower - This is an air-magnetic dual-resistance system rowing machine. The unique design of this bike combines the best attributes of air-magnetic resistance, providing you with a pleasant, quiet, and challenging workout. The rower has 8 resistance levels, handlebar direct control of resistance, and a quick-release and easy-to-store structure.


 FEIER Strength Station Halo/NebulaX

 FEIER strength station Halo/NebulaX is a new generation of strength machines. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and does not take up space when stored, which can meet your fitness needs at any time. The buttons on the handle allow you to easily adjust the resistance, and operation is no longer a problem. Halo provides 32 levels, and NebulaX provides 36 levels, choose the appropriate equipment according to your needs.

 To learn more about our products, you can visit our booth and experience the excellence of our exhibits firsthand. At FIBO 2024, in addition to showcasing our products to you, we also hope to understand market demands and visions, continuously optimize and upgrade our products, and invest continuous enthusiasm and reliable services in the fitness industry. We look forward to meeting you at FIBO 2024.









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