If You Want Loss Weight By Treadmill Walking,there is PLAN for you!

If You Want Loss Weight By Treadmill Walking,there is PLAN for you!

if you want to lose weight, treadmill walking is the perfect cardio exercise! You can burn 300 calories per day and that's about 60 minutes of moderately intense effort in addition to controlling how many calories we eat.

Tips for Treadmill Weight Loss

You can schedule enough time on the treadmill by adding in rest days as needed, but it is best not to have more than one consecutive break from exercising. Studies show that both longer moderate intensity workouts and shorter intense sessions are effective at shedding body fat; however if you're looking for something with even greater benefits then try high-intensity training or long distances at lower speeds (3 miles per hour).


You can get a great workout in less time by doing high-intensity exercises such as sprinting or mountain climbing. 

In fact, according to research done on this subject most people find that they are able complete their workouts much faster than lower intensity ones since there's no need for long walks after finishing up with an exhausting session at the gym!

Week 1


This workout plan is a great way to get started with your fitness goals. But, if you need more or less time in certain workouts then just take what's necessary from the schedule below and modify it accordingly!

Moderate Intensity Walking Workout

Be sure to start the week off right with a 60-minute session of moderate exercise. You can burn up 300 or 400 calories, depending on how fast and lightweight you go! If it's not possible for 1 full hour without interruption (which is usually what happens in my own life), break this workout into two 30 minute sessions instead so that there are still some uninterrupted hours each day where I'm keeping fit.


One of the most effective ways to track your workout intensity is with an RPE scale. It requires no equipment and can be used while you're working out, which makes it easier than ever before! Use this method by rating how tough these exercises feel on a 1-6 scale (1 being very easy and 6 extremely hard). The numbers may seem confusing at first but they'll make more sense as time goes by so keep practicing them until then!"

Easy Health Walk

Today, you will take a 30-minute walk at an easier pace for your cardio exercise. Aim to have a heart rate between 50% and 60% of maximum or 11–12 on the RPE scale (with 12 being very easy). Use this workout as practice in posture and technique so that when it comes time speed up during vigerous workouts later in the week! Followup by doing shoulder exercises using dumbbells/exercise bands after returning home from working out indoors all morning long

Treadmill Hill Workout

The incline feature on your treadmill will help you burn calories more quickly. If hill workouts are enabled, choose one with an increasing slope for 30 minutes or less of steady climbing at about 8% per minute (moderate) up to 15%. This should be challenging but not impossible; aim between 14-16 RPEs depending upon how hard/easy this feels!

Moderate Health Walk

You can burn more calories per minute when using the incline feature on your treadmill. If it has pre-programmed hill workouts, choose one with an increasing slope for today's workout! You might do steady climbing or intervals at different paces depending how hard you want to work out - but make sure not overdo it because this should still feel sustainable in terms of intensity level (on RPE scale) 14+ burnt here is good so keep that range if possible).

Speed Intervals Workout

Interval workouts are great for burning calories and improving your endurance. They can be done on any treadmill, but they work best when the speed intervals match how fast you would normally run or walk in a shorter distance (for example if it's 1 minute long).

Aerobic exercise has been shown over time to improve heart health while boosting energy levels too! Most treadmills come preprogrammed with some kind of challenging session- after all there is no need do break into an intense sweat merely because someone wanted us outside their office.

Jog or walk at your own pace with pre-programmed workouts, make up your own speed/distance combinations for intervals ( alternating jogging and recovery ) on the treadmill. If there is no built in interval program try varying speeds yourself by manual increase & decrease .

It's important to aim 30 - 45 minutes total time; 20 –30 minute intervalls are best suited depending upon fitness level but can be shorter if necessary.

Distance Workout

While walking is a great way to get your daily dose of exercise, it can also be tiring. To make sure that you are burning more calories during this session and not just feeling like an automaton on autopilot aim for 1 hour or more with comfortable pace- about 3 miles per hour slower than what's considered "easy." You'll have the opportunity outdoors where there'd otherwise been no chance at all! If indoors means treadmill speeds then consider streaming podcasts while monitoring how far/fastest walked as well as distance traveled so tomorrow morning knows exactly what needs adjustment based off today’s goal achieved

Active Fun and Stretching

Join me in this active day of walking and socializing. I'll use a warm-up routine to loosen up before we get started, but it's not just about the physical activity! This is also your time to enjoy being with friends or family while getting some fresh air too - no matter what you do outside isn't going be as much fun if there isn’t enough movement inside our bodies during these moments together

I encourage everyone who can make space for moving activities on their daily schedules (whether that means taking breaks from work at home desks every hour; parking oneself near an unused treadmill within eyesight).

Week 2

Add variety to your workouts with pre-programmed treadmills that vary between hill and speed interval days. If you're just getting started, try starting off at shorter sessions until it becomes easier—and then build up!

The key is finding what works best for YOU so don't be afraid of trying new things while following this plan; flavors will keep them interesting too ;)

You may be surprised to learn that you can lose weight with just 200 fewer calories per day. If your diet is sound and well planned, it's easy for most people who are serious about their fitness goals - like a six pack of abs!

-to achieve fast results by cutting down on what they eat in order attain an appropriate level where there will always remain enough energy left over after exercising each day so as not have any problems getting through regular activities without feeling too exhausted all the time .

Modify the weekly schedule to fit into your lifestyle. Work on your walking posture and form, especially using tips on how to walk faster so you can burn more calories within the same workout session.


Modify your weekly schedule to fit into the lifestyle you want. For example, if working full time and having a family leaves little free time each week then prioritize exercising during those days or find ways that will give more satisfaction than just walking outside for an hour every day (like yoga).

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