3 Reasons to Use the Treadmill and 3 Reasons Why an Outdoor Run is Better

3 Reasons to Use the Treadmill and 3 Reasons Why an Outdoor Run is Better

There are two key questions to ask when running: "How many miles will you take on?" and "Should you stay in or head out?" You also need to think about what mode of transportation you will use. If you want to run a certain distance, then the focus should be on that. There are times when it is better to run outside, and there are times when it is better to run on a treadmill. Dennis Barker, a coach from Minnesota who has trained runners from beginner to Olympian level, explains three times when it is better to run outside and three situations where the gym is a better option.


so we believe when the humidity level is too high and the dehumidifier isn't enough, you'll need to open your window wider or turn on a ceiling fan. and we also believe you should run indoors inbelow situations.

3 Times When You Should Run Indoors

1. When You Want To Control All Variables

Sometimes you may want to have complete control over a situation. In these cases, you'll need to take all the necessary steps to ensure that the outcome is what you want. This may include manipulating the environment and controlling all the variables involved.


If you want to train under specific conditions, a treadmill can be a great friend. For example, you can control the speed and incline, which is helpful if you're looking for an area to train in that is similar to where your race will be. Additionally, treadmills provide a climate-controlled environment which can be helpful if the weather isn't ideal outside.


It is important to have a safe and smooth surface to train on. This is helpful when the weather is not good. You need to have a good expectation for your workout. If the weather is bad, you might not be able to do your workout as well.


2. When It’s Too Late To Run Outside


There are other dangers than the weather. If you work late at night, it can be dangerous to go outside because it is dark. If your street doesn't have streetlights, is sparsely populated, or there are no sidewalks, you should stay inside and use a treadmill.


3. When You Want To Increase Your Aerobic Intensity While Minimizing Leg Stress.


Choose the treadmill when you feel like you can't do any more exercises or when you want to add to your training volume. On the treadmill, you get a good aerobic workout and you recover better. It is a tough workout, but the next day your legs feel better than if you did another exercise outside. The treadmill's belt provides softer landings than most outdoor running surfaces. You can also run uphill without the pounding of downhills. And you adopt a more efficient form on a treadmill, with shorter strides, flatter landings and less ground contact time than you would have outside.

3 Times When You Should Run Outdoors

1. When You’re Training For A Road Race


Treadmills are a good way to reduce the stress on your knees, lessen the jarring motion of running, and help you build up aerobic capacity. However, they are not the best way to train for road races. If you want to race outdoors, you need to train your legs for specific outdoor stressors. "You have to get your legs used to the effort," says Barker.


If you want to run a marathon that has hills, you need to practice running on hills. This is different than running on a treadmill. When you run on a treadmill, you might stand up tall and not lean into the hill like you would if you were running outside. You also need to practice on rolling hills, since these are different than the hills in a marathon.


2. When You Want To Perfect Your Pacing


You can't rely on the treadmill to always help you pace yourself when you run outside. "The treadmill is good for learning pace," Barker says. "But if you can't translate it to the road, that's not very helpful." Barker likes using the treadmill to teach runners what a 7- or 8-minute mile feels like. But eventually you need to learn how to pace yourself without the treadmill, and then you can go outside and run.


3. When You Need A Nature Reset


Exercising outside is preferable to exercising inside. People who work out outside are more energetic and less bored. They're also less irritated and perplexed.


They tend to like the activity more, and they are more inclined to want to do it again. As a result of this, while the treadmill is an excellent training tool, you should go outside for the best results and pleasure from your runs.



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