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FEIERDUN Smith Machine FOR01 With Dual Pulley Systems

FEIERDUN Smith Machine FOR01 With Dual Pulley Systems

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A Comprehensive Machine With Maximum Value
  1. Smith Machine: 10 Pairs Of Solid Metal Rods For Maximum Safety
  2. Smith Machine: Innovative Fixed-Path Barbell With Bushing Rotation Mechanism
  3. Dual Pulley Systems: Tough & Silky Smooth
  4. Dual Pulley Systems: 15 Height Holes For Every Training Angle & A Complete Free Attachment Eco-System
  5. 360° Landmine: Full-Body Workouts With A Barbell & Weight Plates
  6. Power Tower: Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bars & Wide & Narrow Dip Bars
  7. Rowing Machine: Anti-Slip Foot Pedal
  8. Maximize Value Packed In The Footprint: Battle Rope Hook, 6 Extra Weight Storage Posts, Foot-Clamping Foam, etc.
  9. Durable Steel Materials & Exquisite Craftsmanship
  10. Beautiful Design, Elegant Colors & Smooth Electrostatic Spraying Paint
  11. Crystal Clear Assembly Instructions
  12. Packaged In Assembly Order. All Bolts, Nuts, Washers, etc. Encapsulated In Assembly Order

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  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Core
  • Back
  • Legs
    • Why A Smith Machine?

      When You Are Training At Home, You Are Often Training Alone. Not Just Using The Equipment Alone, But In The Sense That There Is No Others At Home. Safety Becomes More Important Than Ever, Especially With Heavy Weights For Serious Gain.

      A Smith Machine Is Designed Exactly For This Purpose. With The Fixed-Path Barbell And 10 Pairs Of Solid Resting Metal Rods, You Can Go Full-On With Your Last Few Reps, Not Having To Worry About Saving Any Energy For Putting The Barbell Back. Because With A Simple Twist, You Can Attach it To The Rods And Be Free.

    • The FOR01 Is Much More Than A Smith Machine

      The FOR01 Is A Complete Piece Of Home Gym Equipment. With The Dual Pulley Systems That Operate Independently, 600lbs-Capacity J-Cups, 1200lbs-Capacity Safety Arms, Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bars, Wide & Narrow Dip Bars, A 360° Landmine, A Rowing Foot Board, It Is Capable Of Hosting Every Exercise In The Book On The Professional Level Targeting Every Muscle Group In Your Body.

      Scroll Down To Learn More Fantastic Features Of This Home Gym Master.

    • Material 2''x2" 14-Gauge Steel
    • Rack Weight 355.6lbs
    • Rack Height 87.01"
    • Rack Width 85.83"
    • Rack Depth 75.98"
    • Inside Height 85.04''
    • Inside Width 43.31"
    • Inside Depth 55.12"
    • Height Holes 15
    • Hole Diameter 1''
    • Hole Spacing (center to center) 3''
    • Smith Machine Rods 10
    • Cable Pulley Ratio 2:1
    • Weight Storage Post Diameter 1"/2"
    • Cable Weight Capacity 350lbs*2
    • Smith Machine Barbell Capacity 300lbs
    • Pull-Up Bar Weight Capacity 300lbs
    • Dip Bars Weight Capacity 300lbs
    • Safety Arms Weight Capacity 1200lbs
    • J-Cups Weight Capacity 600lbs
    • Weight Storage Post Capacity 400lbs Each
    • Overall Capacity 2000lbs
    • Finish Electrostatic Spray Painting
    • How The FOR01 Protects You

      When done lifting, twist the fixed-path barbell to rest the bar & weights on the closest metal rods & be free. This really protects you especially when you want to push your limits training alone.
    • Maximum Safety With Solid Rods

      The 10 pairs of metal rods are solid, not hollow. That means there is no cavity under the metal surface, giving you absolutely maximum safety at all times.
    • Superior Dual Pulley Systems

      The pulleys & cables are tough and run silky smooth. 2 independant pulley systems give you more freedom, especially for users with muscle imbalance when rehabilitating.
    • 15 Height Adjustment Holes

      15 holes, as opposed to a common 12, give you more fine-tuning opportunities & cater to family members of different heights. The inner soft padding in the sliding parts make the sliding process silky smooth.
    • Complete Eco-System With Free Attachments

      Lat Pull-Down Bar, Curl Bar, Stirrup Handles, Landmine Handle, Tricep Rope, etc. form a perfect eco-system with the dual pulley systems.
    • Commercial Gym Experience

      Enjoy commercial gym experiences on the FOR01. The only difference is a commercial gym machine needs thicker steel to work for 8-10 hours a day.
    • More Well-Thought Details

      Bushing rotation of the barbell sleeves to offset torque generated by lifting; the ultra-smooth barbell sliding; 6 extra weight storage posts; a battle rope hook to help build your endurance & stamina!
    • Looks Matter, Don't They?

      Check out the shiny smooth electrostatic spray painting, the elegant black & vibrant orange, and the beautiful beehive design on the side.
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    4 Packages In Assembly Order

    All Bolts, Nuts & Washers Encapsulated In Assembly Order.

    How many packages are there in total for the FOR01 Smith Machine?

    The FOR01 Smith Machine comes in a total of 4 packages. Due to differences in weight & size,
    packages may not arrive in the same day. You can contact
    for the specific shipping info.

    What is the difference between the FOR01 Smith Machine and the FLA01 Power Rack?

    The biggest difference lies in the fixed-path barbell with the solid metal rods that you can rest the barbell on with a simple twist. This mechanism aims to provide maximum safety during training, especially solo training and beginners.

    This feature is not available on the FLA01 Power rack.

    You can, of course, choose to use any barbell that you prefer, an Olympic barbell, for example, on both the FOR01 and the FLA01.

    Does the FOR01 include a barbell and weight plates?

    The FOR01 includes a fixed-path barbell, but no weight plates.

    You can choose the option that includes a Feierdun Bumper Plates set, and even a Feierdun Olympic barbell for more training options.

    How many people does it take to assemble the FOR01?

    2-3 people is recommended for assembling the FOR01 for ease and safety.

    Please follow the assembly instructions in the user manual strictly. Please also refer to the assembly video available on our YouTube channel.

    All the bolts, nuts, and washers are encapsulated strictly according to the assembly steps. All the necessary tools are included in the packages for free.