Top 9 Q&A Know More About Feier Star 100 Treadmill

Top 9 Q&A Know More About Feier Star 100 Treadmill


Since the launch of the Feier Star 100 Treadmill, Feier has collected many questions from customers. In the pursuit to provide every customer with the best treadmill experience, a list of the top 9 questions our customers frequently ask has been compiled in this blog.
From unraveling the mysteries behind error codes to troubleshooting tips for a seamless workout, this Q&A blog post is your guide to unlocking the potential of the Feier Star 100 treadmill.
Let's dive into the world of common treadmill queries, addressing everything from assembly to maintenance. Get ready to embark on a journey of knowledge and empowerment, where each question brings you one step closer to treadmill mastery.

01 Eu***ne: How does this treadmill feel with respect to shock absorption?


Star 100 treadmill is fitness equipment suitable for home workouts. In addition to its foldable and small space occupancy, this treadmill also has the advantage of shock absorption. Our treadmill is equipped with an advanced shock absorption system designed to provide a comfortable and joint-friendly running experience. It features 6 strategically placed cushioning devices around the perimeter of the running board. These cushions work together to absorb the impact of each step, reducing the stress on your joints and minimizing the risk of injury.

The result is a smooth and supportive surface that makes your workouts more enjoyable and helps protect your body from the impact of running. Our goal is to provide you with a treadmill that not only meets your fitness needs but also prioritizes your comfort and well-being during every workout.

feier star 100 treadmill six cushioning devices

02 Mi**el: How do I assemble the treadmill after receiving it? Is there a tutorial for installation?


Our treadmill is designed to make the assembly process hassle-free. In fact, it comes pre-assembled to save you time and effort. We understand the importance of convenience, so we've made sure that the treadmill is equipped with rollers, making it easy to move around.

Additionally, it features a user-friendly folding mechanism, allowing you to effortlessly fold and store the treadmill when not in use.
For step-by-step guidance, we provide a comprehensive tutorial in the user manual that accompanies the treadmill. E-manual can be downloaded from the product page.

feier star 100 treadmill user manual download

Rest assured, setting up your new treadmill will be a breeze, and you'll be enjoying your workouts in no time!

03 Ca**in: What is the speed and incline range of this treadmill?


The treadmill offers a speed range from 0 to 11.2 mph, providing a variety of options to suit your workout preferences. Additionally, you can adjust the incline in the LED display dashboard with a range of 0 to 12%, allowing you to customize the intensity of your workouts. Whether you're aiming for a brisk walk or an uphill run, our treadmill is designed to meet your fitness needs across a diverse range of speeds and inclines.

04 Ha**on: The OIL message won't go away on the treadmill, we already lubricated underneath the belt. How can we remove it?


The Feier Star 100 Treadmill has a built-in lubrication warning. After running a distance of 300 km, the monitor
will display OIL. This means that the treadmill needs lubrication. Lubricate the belt as indicated in the LUBRICATION section and then press any key for 6 seconds. This will clear the warning and reset the distance until the next lubrication.

05 Lu**s: What are the treadmill dimensions of the folded and unfolded unit in inches?


  • Product Dimensions (Fold): 67 x 31 x 10.63 in
  • Product Dimensions (Unfold): 67 x 31 x 50.4 in
  • Item Weight: 160 LBs

06 Kr**in: It says the treadmill needs to be grounded. I'm assuming it comes with a 3 prong plug - not shown that includes grounding. Can you confirm?


The Feier Star 100 treadmill comes with a grounded plug that features two flat blades and one round pin, which is the standard configuration in the United States. This design ensures that the treadmill is properly grounded for safety. You can rest assured that our treadmill is equipped with the necessary safety features to provide a secure and reliable workout experience.

Feier Star 100 Treadmill 3 plug-two flat blades and one round pin

07 E**d: What is the warranty period for a treadmill? And where can I order PARTS for the treadmill should it break down and I need to make repairs?


The warranty period for our treadmill is 12 months. Besides, Feel free to contact the service anytime if your treadmill requires attention. Just send over a photo or video of the faulty part, and our skilled technicians will promptly assess whether it's a machine failure or damage from other factors. If it's determined to be a machine failure within the warranty period, a free replacement part will be send to ensure your treadmill is up and running smoothly again.

In addition, if the warranty period of 12 months is exceeded, the parts of the treadmill can also be purchased from customer service.

08 A**m: What is the shipping method of a treadmill?


Given the size and weight of our heavy-duty treadmills, we've opted for a reliable and efficient shipping method—truck delivery. This ensures that your treadmill arrives in top-notch condition, ready for your workouts. We want to make sure your treadmill reaches you safely and securely, and our choice of truck delivery allows us to handle the logistics of larger items with care.

09 A**e: I just received my treadmill but when I plug it in and turn it on I get an Error message with the code Er07. How do I fix that?


Actually, this is a safety feature. When the safety key is out of position, the treadmill will stop running, and the keyboard of the electronic watch is disabled. You may see the screen display 'E-07' with a prompt tone.

To resolve this, simply make sure the safety key is securely in place. Each time the safety lock is engaged, the screen will fully display for 2 seconds, and then the treadmill will enter its default working state. If you have any further questions or encounter any issues, feel free to reach out. We're here to help ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience with your treadmill!

In addition, other on-screen display Er for troubleshooting see below:

Feier Star 100 Treadmill Troubleshooting


As we conclude this Q&A journey, we hope you now feel equipped with the knowledge to make the most of the Feier Star 100 treadmill experience. Remember, your fitness journey is a personal adventure, and we're thrilled to be a part of it.

If you ever find yourself facing a challenge or have a new question down the road, don't hesitate to reach out. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond this blog. Your success is our success, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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