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FEIERDUN Power Rack FLA01 With Pulley System And Cables

FEIERDUN Power Rack FLA01 With Pulley System And Cables

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1. A Rack That Combines A Squat Rack, A Crossover Cable Machine, A Pull-Up & Dip Tower, A Landmine, A Rowing Machine, And More
2. Mean The "Full-Body" In "Full-Body Workouts At Home": Only Your Stamina & Imagination Set The Limit
3. 20 Height Holes: More Angles Equal Fuller & Finer Gain
4. Various Free Attachements To Fully Utilize The 20 Holes
5. Premium Steel For Safe Use Under Large Weight Capacities
6. High-Performance Cable & Pulley System That Runs Silky Smooth
7. Beautiful Colors With Superior Smooth Baking Paint: A Beast That Adds To Your Home's Beauty


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  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Core
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Legs
    • 3 Points To Capture The Essence

      1. FEIERDUN is the strength-focused sub-brand of FEIER.

      2. Divide the FLA01 in modules: a squat rack w/ J-cups & safety arms, a crossover cable machine with many free attachments, a pull-up/dip station tower, a landmine, a rowing machine, and many more.

      3. What sets the FLA01 apart: all premium materials ensure reliable weight capacities & smooth workout experiences, attention to details (examples: 2 extra weight storage posts on the rear uprights, 6 s-shaped hooks for hanging attachments, and more), beautiful colors with smooth baking paint give your home gym a great look.

    • What Does All This Do For You?

      Get 1 FLA01, freed from all commercial gyms for a lifetime.

      Chest day? Do cable flies, bench press, dip. Arms day? Cable bicep curls, tricep extensions. Shoulders day? Cable raise, landmine barbell press, military press. Back day? Pull-ups, landmine T-bar rows, seated rowing. And, the dreadful leg day? Squat in the cage, deadlift, various cable kicks.

      The best part is, you're freed from strict schedules (oh, today I gotta save 3-hours for going to the gym, working out, and coming back from the gym).

      Work out at any time! Spot your son, coach your daughter, train with your partner & buddies, rehabilitate your parents! This power rack will finally eliminate that resistance between you and a stress-relieving, cathartic workout.

    • Material 2 X 3" 14-Gauge Steel
    • Rack Weight 264.6lbs
    • Rack Height 84.25''
    • Rack Width 72.52''
    • Rack Depth 61.1''
    • Inside Height 80.94''
    • Inside Width 47.17''
    • Inside Depth 57.09''
    • Holes On Uprights 20
    • Hole Diameter 1''
    • Hole Spacing (center to center) 3''
    • Weight Post Diameter 2''/1''
    • Cable Weight Capacity 700lbs
    • Pull-Up Bar Weight Capacity 300lbs
    • Dip Bars Weight Capacity 300lbs
    • Short Safety Arms Weight Capacity 700lbs
    • Long Safety Arms Weight Capacity 1200lbs
    • J-Cups Weight Capacity 600lbs
    • Weight Storage Post Capacity 400lbs Each
    • Overall Capacity 2000lbs
    • Finish Baking Paint
    • 5-In-1

      Get 1 FLA01, get a squat rack, a crossover cable machine, a pull-up & dip tower, a 360° landmine, a rowing machine.
    • 20 Height Holes With Laser-Cut Numericals

      20 holes is more than most other racks on the market. More common numbers would be 12-15. Well-designed laser-cut numericals on the uprights not only help you find the corresonding holes on the 2 uprights quickly, but also give this rack a distinctive elegance.
    • Complete Eco-System With Free Attachments

      Lat Pull-Down BarCurl BarStirrup HandlesLandmine HandleTricep Rope, Foot Strap, etc. form a perfect eco-system with the pulley system & cable.
    • Square-Shaped Safety Arms

      Compared to tubular safety arms or safety bands commonly seen on the market, square-shaped ones on the FLA01 are more reliable and provide much more stable support for your drops.
    • Tough Yet Silky Smooth

      The commercial grade cables & pulley system are very tough, but they run smoothly like silk. We make sure you focus on your muscles, not the machine.
    • Superior Steel Frame

      In addition to always picking premium steel, the FLA01 is extra stable & sturdy with braces at the joints.
    • More Well-Thought Details

      2 extra weight storage posts, 6 S-shaped hooks for hanging attachments or towels, a battle rope hook to help you build endurance & stamina. These details really set the FLA01 apart!
    • Looks Matter, Don't They?

      Check out the shiny smooth baking paint & the elegant black & orange.
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    3 Packages In Assembly Order

    All Bolts, Nuts & Washers Encapsulated In Assembly Order.

    How many packages are there in total for the FLA01 Power Rack?

    The FLA01 comes in a total of 3 packages, which are numbered in the order of the assembly steps.

    Due to differences in weight & size, packages may not arrive in the same day.

    You can contact service@feierfitness for the specific shipping info.

    How many people does it take to assemble the FLA01?

    2-3 people is recommended for assembling the FLA01 for ease and safety.

    Please follow the assembly instructions in the user manual strictly. Please also refer to the assembly video available on our YouTube channel.

    All the bolts, nuts, and washers are encapsulated strictly according to the assembly steps. All the necessary tools are included in the packages for free.

    Does the product include barbell & weight plates?

    The FLA01 itself does not include any barbell or weight plates.

    However, you can choose the options that do for a complete home gym solution.

    Is professional assembly offered?

    A lot of effort was put into the design and the facilitation of the assembly given the sheer size of the FLA01.

    With the instructions given, anyone can assemble the FLA01 with no problems at all.

    So, no, no professional assembly is offered, which would be redundant anyway.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to We would be more than happy to help you out!