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FEIER Smart Somatosensory Slide Board

FEIER Smart Somatosensory Slide Board

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NEW RELEASED Meet the diverse fitness needs of the whole family

  • Foldable and Portable: Easy to carry and store.
  • Multifunctional: Achieve all-round muscle training.
  • Smart APP: Exercise data records in real-time, APP ski games.
  • Exercise Courses: Extensive online exercise courses on Feier APP.
  • Equipped with LED display and touch function.


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Feier somatosensory slide board is equipped with smart motion-sensing chips embedded in the collision protection panels on both sides. These chips can detect the duration of your movements, calories burned, and the number of exercise sessions on the slide board. The data is automatically uploaded to the dedicated Feier App for recording and storage.

Somatosensory Sport Training
Somatosensory Sliding Game

On both sides of the Feier slide board, there are built-in smart somatosensory chips. The Feier's App has designed somatosensory games and somatosensory exercise courses. You can choose to engage in somatosensory gaming or participate in somatosensory workouts, experiencing the enjoyment of gaming and the professionalism of athletic training on the slide board.

We value your time! Designed specifically for fat burning, Feier allows you to engage in professional full-body workouts, accelerating your metabolism and burning more calories. Achieve efficient fat burning in just 15 minutes!

Left To Right Sliding
Mountain Climbing Step Sliding
Opening And Closing Step Sliding
Side Step Sliding
Cross Knee Lift Sliding

With various sliding methods, Feier not only allows you to easily and efficiently burn fat, but also enhances physical fitness and enables targeted body sculpting.

Equipped with a smart chip, Feier will record all your workout data in real-time, including exercise duration, calories burned, repetitions, and more. This data will be synced to the app, allowing for a more data-driven and professional representation of your workout progress.

The Feier slide board's App features a wide range of exercise video courses. Each course corresponds to different training methods on the slide board and is led by professional coaches, ensuring a more professional workout experience. It allows you to enjoy the pleasure of real-time interactive exercises.

We have ingeniously designed somatosensory light transformation at both ends of the slide board. With each movement you make, the impact triggers a change in the lights, creating a stunning visual effect.

Previously, you may have needed various equipment like treadmills and hula hoops to achieve different fitness goals. But now, with just one Feier slide board, you can have a comprehensive fitness solution with great value!

Featuring lightweight materials and a foldable structure, Feier effortlessly fits into any small space. After completing your fitness training, simply follow a few simple steps to fold it and place it in cabinets, under the bed, or in a corner. Big convenience in small spaces!

Feier is compact and portable, making it easy to carry and suitable for use in various places, including the living room at home, the exercise area in the gym, outdoors, and even in the office.

We highly recommend families, couples, and partners to play together. Whether young or old, parents or children, every family member can find their suitable exercise on the Feier slide board. Let health be your common goal!